Buildings and Energy

Building activity is a very energy intensive industry; in fact in Europe buildings accounts for as much as 40% of the total amount of energy consumed. In India the overall figure is much lower at 18% but in the larger Metros in India, the energy consumption figures for the building industry would be roughly similar if not more due to transmission losses, illegal connections taken by slum colonies, outdated conversion equipment leading to inefficient use of available power supply and other such factors unique to the Indian context. It is therefore of prime importance that an effort should be made to make them as efficient as possible. The impending energy crisis has made it all the more important that steps be taken in this direction without delay. Research efforts in this field are currently scattered across India, which makes it difficult for professionals to get hold of relevant information. At the same time research efforts have not been converted into practical applications for the market. This has led to the need for an Integrated Research Centre, which would combine R&D with efficient marketing to popularise the use of alternate systems of energy. It would also encourage the use of passive measures to reduce conventional energy consumption in buildings.